Recycled Art Contest for Kids Age 5-18

recycled turtleThis year, our Recycled Art Contest had a “sea creatures” theme. Artwork representing any sea creature had to be constructed only from recycled materials! Paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, wood — all were acceptable as long as they were recycled. We had almost 100 entries! This year’s first-place prizes were awarded to J.T. Clemmons (1st grade), Ava Lute (2nd grade), Hunter Hill (3rd grade), Hailey Robinson (4th grade), Cora Jones (5th grade), Genesis Humphrey (6th grade), Alex Kruczko (middle school), and Kelly Adams (high school). Special recognition for “outstanding team effort” was awarded to South Brunswick Charter School’s first grade class. Second- and third-place ribbons were also awarded and each student received a participation ribbon and small prize award. Thanks to everyone for making this year’s Recycled Art Contest so much fun!