Planetarium Programs & Events

May 23 – September 1, 2014

SPECIAL PROGRAM ON JULY 1, 2014 — Sci-fi and Serling: A Writer’s Gimmick
Guest speaker: Gordon C. Webb

Gordon Webb discusses the work of noted TV writer Rod Serling. Weary of sponsors manipulating his work during “The Golden Age of Television,” Serling found that he could convey his ideas more easily through the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Mr. Webb will discuss Serling’s impact by using examples from Serling’s ground-breaking TV series The Twilight Zone and other Serling works.
This special program is free for members. Non-member admission is $8 adults, $7 seniors, $6 children (3-12), and free for age 2 & under.

NEW! NANO Exhibit — On display in the Science Hall from now until October 11  — Come learn about nanoscience and technology. Nanoscience is the study of structures and material on the scale of nanometers — a size almost too small to even imagine. Nanotechnolgy is the manipulation of matter on a molecular scale. In other words, scientists and engineers can now create new materials and devices by building them atom by atom. What are some of the products created by nanotechnology that impact our every day lives? What are the social and ethical implications of this new technology? The Nano Exhibit engages visitors of all ages with hands-on activities, examples of real-world applications, and discussion about the future of nanotechnology.
There is no admission charge to visit the Science Hall! The Nano Exhibit is FREE!

Sky Theater Shows:
11:00 Legends of the Night Skies — Half-price admission!
1:00 Dinosaur Passage to Pangaea
2:00 Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure
3:00 Undiscovered Worlds (includes live star show)
4:00 Back to the Moon for Good (includes live star show)
5:00 Dynamic Earth
Sky Theater shows are free for members.
Non-member per-show admission is $8 adults, $7 seniors, $6 children (3-12), and free for age 2 & under.

FREE Noon Programs Monday through Friday:

What’s Up in the Sky This Week
History of Technology
Sea Turtle Talk
Science Hall Exploration (11:30-1:30)
To The Moon
Science in Small Bytes Series:
June 6 — Hurricane Preparedness
June 13 — Star Gazing 101
June 20 — Hurricane Construction
June 27 — Star Gazing 101
July 4 — Science of Flight
July 11 — Star Gazing 101
July 18 — Astrobiology
July 25 — Star Gazing 101
August 1 — The Size of Space
August 8 — NC’s Hurricane History — Guest speaker Jay Barnes’ program includes photos, survival stories, interesting facts, and weather records of the great hurricanes in NC’s history. Mr. Barnes will be available for book signing after his presentation.
August 15 — Ancient Aliens — Guest speaker Fred R. David discusses the question: Has the Earth been visited by ancient aliens?

Laser Music Shows on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday:
6:00 — Beatles; 7:00 — Laser Retro; 8:00 — U2
6:00 — NEW! Laser Country; 7:00 — Led Zeppelin*; 8:00 — Metallica**
6:00 — Laser Vinyl; 7:00 — Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon; 8:00 — Pink Floyd: The Wall**
Laser Music Shows are free for members. Non-member per-show admission is $8 adults, $7 seniors, $6 children (3-12), and free for age 2 & under.

* Led Zeppelin will be replaced by Laser Spirit on May 23, July 4, & August 29.
** Metallica & Pink Floyd: The Wall are not recommended for young children.