Facility Rental

Ingram Planetarium and the Museum of Coastal Carolina are available for rental. Events may begin during or after regular business hours based on the facility’s programming schedule and at the discretion of the Executive Director. Both the Museum and the Planetarium are smoke-free facilities.

For Museum rental, you can rent only the Hayden O’Neil Learning Center (HOLC) or you can rent the HOLC plus the rest of the Museum. With the latter option, your guests can stroll through the Museum’s galleries and enjoy the Museum’s collections.

The Museum can accommodate up to 85 people for a seated buffet or up to 129 people for a standing reception. Rectangular tables, Bistro tables, and folding chairs are available for your use. Renters are responsible for set-up and clean-up, so your rental time-frame should include time to set up prior to the event and time to clean up after the event.

Food and drink are allowed. If alcohol will be served, the renter must purchase liquor liability insurance or use a caterer that has liquor liability insurance.

The Museum’s paved parking area is also available for rental for events that are not held at the Museum but for which additional parking is needed.

Click here for additional information about renting the Museum of Coastal Carolina: Museum Rental Agreement

Click here for information about renting the Museum’s paved parking area: Museum Parking Area Rental Agreement

Click here for additional information about renting Ingram Planetarium: Facility Rental Planetarium 10 21 14

To discuss rental availability of either the Planetarium or the Museum, call the Executive Director at 910-579-1016.

Wedding held in the Hayden O’Neil Learning Center at the Museum of Coastal Carolina.