Special Programs & Lectures

Museum of Coastal Carolina


January 9 – May 16, 2015

Admission is free for Museum & Dual Museum/Planetarium members.

Admission is half-price for members of The Children’s Museum of Wilmington.

Non-member admission (includes NC sales tax): $9 for adults (13-61), $8 for seniors (62+), $7 for children (3-12), and free for ages 2 and under.

Jan. 13 — 6 PM — Discover Your Family History: Getting Started in Genealogy with Kyle Hughes — Beginners welcome! Mr. Hughes will explore the basics of getting started in Genealogical research. Learn how to start building your own family tree! Mr. Hughes is a public school music teacher and a native of Brunswick County.

Jan. 16 — 1 PM — Environmental Success Story with Dr. Richard Hilderman — Learn how the world community has come together to solve an environmental crisis: the atmospheric ozone hole.

Feb. 10 — 6 PM — Air Force One with Howie Franklin —  Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Air Force One! Mr. Franklin, Flight Steward on Air Force One for 18 years, worked for five U.S. Presidents. He has hundreds of stories!

Feb. 13 — 1 PM — Is It Hotter Out There? — Dr. Richard Hilderman discusses climate change and its evil twin, the acidification of the world’s oceans.

Mar. 10 — 6 PM — Birds of Southeastern NC — Located along the Atlantic Flyway, our area is a haven for many different bird species. Jill Peleuses, an avid birder and owner of Wild Bird & Garden in Wilmington, will help you learn to identify the birds in our region.

Mar. 13 — 1 PM — Our #1 Food Source: Wetlands in Our Backyard — Dr. Richard Hilderman discusses the importance of wetlands as a primary source of seafood and protection against coastal flooding.

Apr. 11 — 9 am – noon — Experiencing Bird Island & the Kindred Spirit Mailbox – Meet at the museum at 9 AM for a brief overview and history of Bird Island presented by Jim and Linda Barber. Then follow the Barber’s over to Sunset Beach where they will take you on a guided tour of Bird Island. The walk is approximately 2 hours and will end at the Kindred Spirit mailbox.

Apr. 14 — 6 PM — The Fort Fisher Hermit Story with Scott Davis Live! — Scott Davis has been involved in story telling for most of his life — in the theater, in films, in photography, and as a producer of documentaries. Come learn about the Fort Fisher Hermit from a man who not only knows his story, but knows how to tell it compellingly.

Apr. 17 — 1 PM — The Balancing Act of Our Ecosystems — Dr. Richard Hilderman discusses the current critical loss of biodiversity that is challenging us today.

Apr. 18 — 9:30-11:30 AM — Carolina Shore Tour — Join Sabrina Woofter at the museum at 9:30 AM for a brief discussion and overview. Then walk one block to Ocean Isle Beach where Ms. Woofter will take you on a guided tour, highlighting beach critters, important habitats, and disclosing beach secrets.

Apr. 25 — Museum is closed during the day. Doors open at 6 PM for our annual Wine Fest Fundraiser. Proceeds of the fundraiser benefit the Museum of Coastal Carolina and Ingram Planetarium.

May 12 — 6 PM — What Kind of Fish is That, Mister? — How did the museum end up in Ocean Isle Beach? Museum docent Judy Sobota discusses the museum’s history and how one little boy’s question prompted founder Stuart Ingram to create a coastal museum.

May 15 — 1 PM — Lionfish and Other Invasive Species — Learn what happens to the ecological balance when a species that flourishes in one place is introduced to a new place.


Call the museum at 910-579-1016 during normal business hours.